Management Services

We provide the following services:

  1. Leasing Units  
  2. Paying Bills
  3. Collecting rent
  4.  Monthly statement of income & expenses
  5. Security Deposits Transactions
  6. 24 hours on call for tenants
  7. Maintenance services
  8. Yard care

We utilize Rent Manager as our online property management software. 

Our website receives steady traffic which attract most of our tenants.

We collect rent, pay bills throughout the month, and deposit the remaining balance into your account at the end of each month.  We can also operate out of a bank account you currently have or choose to set up.  

Items we need owners to provide us with:  

  1. Tenant Applications
  2. Keys to All Units
  3. Copies of Current Leases  
  4. Bank Deposit Slips   
  5. Book of Checks

Call our office to discuss how we can assist you with your rental properties.

What Our Tenants Say

Great experience with KC Management. Whenever there was any maintenance issues, the landlord would send someone over as quick as possible. Never had any issues with this company, and would highly recommend them!

Shelby Whitman

I rented 2 apartments from KC Management while attending the University of Maine in Orono. Both apartments were in great locations - close to campus & downtown Orono. Their staff is friendly and easy to work with.

Ellie M.

They are the kindest management team, family. When you call, they follow through with all maintenance requests

Dragonfly Samson